Elegant Large Crystal 5 Candle Arm

   Chandelier $70.00

(installation included)





50' Globe carnival lights                     $45.00

100' Globe carnival lights                    $75.00

(installation not included)



Due to the complexity of each setup and arrangement, a custom quote will usually be required. Generally, we come out to the location and do a walk through planning estimate to make a recommendation as to design. Estimate the type and quantity of equipment involve and prepare a customized quote; A $50.00 fee will apply but we will reimburse this fee if you book your event with us.


  • Carnival String Lighting / Market Lights (Overhead) generally cost between $900 and $1,750 depending on the number of strings, distances, and complexity of the setup.  Most weddings fall somewhere in the middle of such a price range.
  • Adding paper globe lanterns to overhead String/Market Lighting generally costs between $75 and $150 depending on the quantity, sizing, and type of lantern. They add time to the setup/strike due to actually hanging each one. 



Why so much? Some are surprised at the cost until they realize what goes into them. Not only does installing String Lights require a lot of specialized equipment such as rigging, poles/bases, steel cabling, special connectors, specialized electrical equipment, etc. they take a good deal of manpower to install properly.  Most jobs require 2-4 guys for 3-5 hours to set up, and 1-3 hours to break down- and that’s with experience and the proper tools and equipment.  The string lighting you see at most weddings and events not your average Christmas Lights from Walmart either.  


Red Carpet

3'X10'            $25.00

3'X25'            $60.00

3'X50'           $110.00

3'X100'          $200.00




Podium    $45.00





PA System 2 speakers                  $150.00-$200





AstroTurf     $.40/sqf

Plus installation




5' Garment rolling rack                   $12.99

20' icicle light                             $12.00

20' Extension Cord                       $9.00

    Aluminum Easel                              $14.99