All China, silverware, glassware, and bowls should be rinsed, FOOD FREE, and repackaged in the same container as delivered.  A 35% surcharge will be charged if returned dirty NO EXCEPTIONS.



Gold or Siver Charger        $1.30 each

Dinner Plate 10.5"              $.55 each

Salad Plate 8"                   $.55 each

Dessert Plate                      $.55 each

Bread Plate                       $.55 each

Fruit Glass Bowl                $.55 each 

Butter Dish                        $.55 each

Coffee Mug                        $.80 each

Glass Irish Coffee Mug     $.85 each

Coffee Cup & Saucer          $.90 each



             Silver Stainless Steel             


Dinner Fork                     $.50 each

Salad Fork                       $.50 each

Dessert Fork                     $50 each

Soup Spoon                     $.50 each

Teaspoon                        $.50 each

Dinner Knife                   $.50 each

Butter Knife                    $.50 each

Steak Knife                     $.75 each



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